Rise Of Artificial (R.O.A.) are a Romanian Electronica band, formed in 2010 by Bogdan Popoiag (UNU') and Cezar Stanciulescu (Junkyard) and based in Bucharest. The band began by releasing their first song, "Ne place", on 10th November 2010; only after three months of airplay on the radio, the band gained national recognition after the single became the most broadcasted track on the Romanian HitStation Radios; furthermore, the song reached more than five million YouTube views in less than six months.

By the end of May 2011, the band subsequently released their debut studio album, "Artificial", which had been produced by the two founding members, Bogdan Popoiag and Cezar Stanciulescu, and which included 19 tracks, along with the Romanian and English versions of the highly acclaimed "Ne place" track.

Following the above mentioned album release, the duo decided to hire Cristin Negriuc to join them as electric guitar player during their concert activities and (televised and/ or radio) live performances.

On 22nd November 2011, the band further released a new video for "Sonata in A Minor", a single that would be included on their second album in 2013, along with its Romanian version, "Sonata in La Minor"; this music video (as well as the one for "Ne place") was directed by Bogdan Popoiag and it was inspired by the contemporary mainstream artistic approach constantly exposing the public to hypersexualized images of the female body and female objectification, thus acting as a parody of the blatant myriad of music videos depicting choreographies with women in swimsuits.

During the summer of 2012 (on 9th July), R.O.A. released a new highly popular track, "D-Aia", which was to become one of their most appreciated songs among fans.

Additionally, after having presented their “Hands Up” single, in 2013, the band released their second studio album, “System of Sound”.

By the end of September 2014, R.O.A. released another E.P., entitled “Music”, followed by various music videos for “Cine visa” in October 2015, “La Rasarit” in December 2015 and the latest “Flow de Vara” in June 2017.

Rise Of Artificial are currently focused on composing new tracks, releasing new tunes, preparing and recording their upcoming album, as well as being scheduled to perform live shows at various festivals and concerts throughout a series of tour dates as announced via their website and social accounts.



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